Is dating dead? A growing number of experts say “yes” – because today, women rarely meet guys who call them on the phone, invite them out to a romantic dinner, and take the time to get to know them. Instead, women say they’re lucky if they get a text message from a man, inviting them to “hang out.”

Whatever happened to dating the old-fashioned way? Donna Freitas is a professor at Boston University who says one problem is that today’s millennials were raised in an era where everyone communicates via texts, emails, and Facebook posts. So, many 20-somethings have no clue how to approach someone they like in person, and ask them out on a date.

Plus, our expert says online dating helps reinforce a more “casual” attitude about dating. After all, why put serious effort into wooing one person, when there are thousands of singles to choose from on the Internet? Because even if one person rejects you, you can just move on to your next Internet match.

Also, asking someone out used to require courage and planning.  But now, you can just text someone, and ask: “what’s up?” Or worse - just text “hey.”

Another way the internet-age has changed dating? It’s taken the mystery out of it. Experts say, we used to go on dates to get to know someone. But today, everyone’s life story is a Google search away.

In fact, dating has become so casual, it’s not even one-on-one anymore.  Now, a growing number of dating websites help organize “group dates.” For example: Sites like Join Grouper, and The Gaggle, are built on the premise that if you throw enough singles in one room, it’ll be like a fisherman casting his line in the water.  Sooner or later something will bite!

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