Experts say the present you get can speak volumes about your relationship. In fact, according to George Weiberg, Ph.D. and author of Why Men Won't Commit, every present reveals exactly how your guy feels about you. Here's a list of Valentine's Day gifts your honey might have given you and exactly what they mean:

  • A video game, an extra-large team jersey, or a gadget you'll never learn to use. This means your honey views you as an extension of himself. It's definitely not a romantic gift and shows he's not in tune with your needs. On the good side, it might just mean that your relationship hasn't matured yet, so he doesn't know what you'd really like.

  • Stuffed animal. Maybe your man bought into the idea that girls like sappy things. Then again, maybe it's because he knows you really well. If you told him you slept with a teddy bear every night while you were growing up, he's just being thoughtful.

  • Fancy jewelry. If he bought you a bit of "bling-bling," it means he thinks you're beautiful and wants the world to know you're together. And that's great, as long as it's not too early in the relationship.

  • A budget bouquet of a single rose. What are you supposed to think? It's not the size of the present, but the thought behind it that matters. If he hands it over and just moves on, according to Dr. Weiberg, he felt obligated to give you a gift. If he giddily urged you to put the flower in water, the spirit is right, it's just the budget that's lacking.