What does the ringtone on your cell phone say about you? It’s more revealing than you think. Here’s an expert analysis of the tones on your phone:

  • Default ringtone. According to John Calian, a technology specialist in Seattle, it either means you’re too busy and can’t be bothered to program a personalized ring, or you’re just not that comfortable with technology.

  • Vibrate. Dr. Max Wachtel is a psychologist in Denver, Colorado. He says it’s no surprise that people who keep their phones on vibrate are sensitive about disturbing others and consider it “good manners” mode to have their phone on vibrate, especially in restaurants and movie theaters. If you prefer a silent ring, it could also mean you’re shy, and don’t like to draw attention to yourself.

  • A 20-year-old song, like “Paradise City” by Guns N’ Roses? Dr. Wachtel says that old-school favorites mean you’re probably remembering back to when the song was popular. When you were younger, more idealistic, and more energetic. It may also mean that you’re reluctant to grow up, and don’t want to take yourself too seriously.

  • A popular song, like “Low” by Flo-Rida? Technology specialist Calian says it means you’re social, and fun to be with. You also enjoy cheering people up, and feel like your ringtone shows that you’re trendy and in touch with the world.