Ladies: When guys do annoying things, it’s tempting to take them as signs he’s not taking you - or the relationship - seriously. But you should cut us guys some slack. These are two of the most “annoying” man habits, and what they really mean, according to dating expert Matthew Hussey:

  • He forgets plans. Including birthdays, dinners, and visits with your parents. Even after you remind him a dozen times. Hussey says when guys forget stuff like that, a lot of women assume it means they’re not important to him. But psychologists have found that men are wired to focus on what’s important right now – whether it’s work or the game on TV - so they may become “blind” to what you have planned for next week. It seems to be a holdover from the days when men were expected to defend their home from dangerous threats, which could pop up at any moment. So, if you want your guy to remember something, our expert says tell him exactly how important it is to you. Like: “My new coworkers are throwing a party this weekend, and I’d feel a lot more comfortable going if you were there with me.” That way, the plan will seem more tangible, and your man will take it to heart.

  • He takes forever to fix things. Say you ask him to move a bookshelf on his day off. And when you get home, you find he hasn’t followed through. That must mean he doesn’t care about your needs, right? Actually, Hussey says it only means he doesn’t care about the bookshelf. But guys are more likely to care if you link tasks to your happiness. Because we’re born problem solvers, who’ll do almost anything to make our partner happy. So, try saying something like: “I’ll be so excited when I can clean up all the clutter in the spare room, but I can only do that after you move the bookshelf.” What your guy will hear is: “Do this, and I’ll be happy.” And he’ll put the task at the top of his “to do” list.