What’s your “driving personality?” That’s the term experts use for the habits we have behind the wheel that define the way we drive. And these are the most common driving personalities – find out which one applies to you:

  • Loners. This describes the 1-in-5 drivers who say they like driving so much, that they often drive alone, just to enjoy the experience. In fact, loners tend to think of their car as their “comfort zone” And because most of them are men, they usually prefer vehicles that are rugged, like a truck or SUV.

  • The Auto-bahner. That’s the term for the 17% of people in this survey who describe themselves as “fast and aggressive” behind the wheel. Again, most Auto-bahners are men. And they all have one thing in common: They’ve all been pulled over at least once in the past five years, with half of them getting speeding tickets!

  • Practical Drivers. This describes the 15% of people who say their driving style is “safe and cautious.” They tend to only buy cars that are practical, inexpensive, and environmentally friendly. And as you might guess, more than two-thirds of practical drivers are women.

  • The Out-Of-Necessity Driver. This is the most common driving personality. Researchers say this is the group of drivers that’s most likely to have children. They describe themselves as “reliable and confident” behind the wheel, but they don’t like driving. In fact, the only reason they drive is to either go to work, or run errands. But even though people with this driving personality don’t like driving, almost half of them say the type of car they drive is important – because they like it when other people notice their cars.