In case you’re wondering, our coworkers do notice what we wear. A recent survey by found that almost 60-percent of people say they form opinions about coworkers based on the way they dress. So, here are a few wardrobe adjustments that’ll help all of us pass muster:

#1: Stay buttoned up. For us guys, that means leaving only our top button undone. And know this, ladies: Fair or not - the survey found that low necklines are associated with low IQs, and less skill on the job. So, save your more-daring outfits for nights on the town.

Another dress-for-success tip: Keep your toes covered. Human resources expert Sarah DeGrazia says sandals, flip-flops, and peep-toe shoes just don’t cut it in the corporate world. First off, toe-showing shoes seem much less formal. Plus, sandals and flip-flops make noise when you walk… and you don’t want funny noises to be the reason higher-ups remember your name, like “Oh yeah, I can always here Maggie coming down the hall.”

Next: Invest in an iron. Economist Sylvia Ann Hewlitt’s research into first impressions found that 80-percent of hiring managers believe wrinkled clothing sends the message: “I don't pay attention to detail.”

Finally: Ditch the wild patterns, and bright, flashy colors. A red tie or accent scarf is okay. But otherwise – hiring managers say boring is better. That’s because overly-distracting outfits can overshadow our work. In fact, a recent study found that the colors most commonly worn by the people who get promoted are dark and light blue.