It’s time to debunk the myths that are standing between you and your next job.

  • Myth #1: These days, you’re more likely to be hired if you know someone on the inside. That’s False. Thomas Murray is a recruiter for a Fortune 500 company.  And he says that a lot of candidates who have an “in” are a little too confident.  So, they don’t do as much preparation and don’t perform as well in the interview as those with no personal connections to the company.

  • The next hiring myth: You need a gimmick to make your résumé stand out. False. In a recent survey, more than half of the hiring managers said that gimmicks automatically put a candidate in the “Do not interview pile.” So, don’t try to attract attention by sending a box of personalized M&Ms with your résumé. Instead, focus on the content, and why you’re perfect for the job in question.

  • And the last hiring myth is especially common in today’s tight market: You can't show weakness in the interview. Alison Green is the author of How to Get a Job: Secrets of a Hiring Manager. And she says that HR people know that everyone has weaknesses. They’re just trying to match the right person to the job. Bottom line: She says that anyone who says they can’t find anywhere to improve.  Or who pretends that their biggest weakness is “working too hard” only comes across as desperate, or lacking self-awareness.