Are you looking for love online? Then here's what you need to know about posting those dating profile photos:

  • Myth #1: Have your picture taken by a professional – or a friend with a good camera. It seems like solid advice because you want to look your best. But a recent study found that lower-quality photos, taken with cell phones, generate the most responses on dating sites. Why? Because people in candid photos are more likely to come across as spontaneous and sincere – instead of forced and posed.

  • Myth #2: You should look at the camera. Actually, studies suggest that works for women. But not for men! Why? Because women often find a man’s “straight-into-the-lens” stare intimidating. So guys, aim your eyes to one side of the camera.

  • Myth #3: Make sure your face is always visible. Psychologist Dr. James Houran says that online daters believe that people who cover their faces in profile pictures are cheating on someone. But a clearly identifiable face doesn’t have to be the first picture potential dates see. One survey found that interesting photos generate more attention than face photos, like of you snorkeling, skydiving, or tossing a ball to your dog. So, try baiting the hook with an interesting hobby shot, and then reel them in with your close-up.