How will your relationship be 20 years down the line? Will you be the Bickersons, snapping at each other every chance you get? Or will you have calm discussions when you disagree?

Well, all you have to do is look at your current level of conflict. Chances are you'll fight about the same amount, and with the same intensity, next year or in 60 years.

That’s the conclusion university researchers came to after interviewing over 2,000 married couples over the course of 20 years. They found that your level of conflict stays steady throughout the course of a relationship. If you rarely argue, there's a good chance you won't fight a ton later on. And if you're constantly squabbling at the beginning of a relationship, you'll probably squabble after years of marriage.

There are exceptions, of course. If you go through a life-changing event, like a serious illness, job loss or issues with alcohol or drugs, the rule of a steady conflict goes out the window.

But if you’re the Bickersons, it’s not such a bad thing. Some conflict is actually a good sign. The experts say it shows you care enough about each other and the relationship to argue.