If you had a baby recently – you may wonder what will the world be like when they grow up? Here’s what the experts say:

  • A baby born this year will be living in a better economy as they grow up. In fact, economists like CNBC’s Steve Liesman predict that incomes will rise by 10 percent by the year 2020. 

  • He also predicts unemployment will drop significantly, housing prices will rise, and interests rates will stay low. So your baby is more likely to have some luxuries while growing up. 

  • What else will your baby have: A bunch of friends named Sophia, Jacob, Isabella and Jayden. Those are the most popular baby names right now – and experts don’t see their popularity changing any time soon. 

  • As far as technology – your child will think of cell phones the same way we think of rotary phones. Tech experts are predicting we’ll communicate in all sorts of ways – from wristbands like they wore in Star Trek – to microchips in our brain. 

  • Today’s babies may never have to sit in traffic on the way to work. Flying cars already exist! But before they become common, the price tag needs to come down from a cool quarter-of-a-million dollars. 

  • And the job they’ll be flying to may be “body part maker.” There have been so many advancements in bio-tissues and plastics that high-tech prostheses will soon be in high demand. 

  • And as far as your baby’s future – they’ll live a long life – probably to age 100. With current medical advancements – and breakthroughs on the horizon – life expectancies will keep increasing.