Parents: Do you know which “pod” your kids will be in at summer camp this year? According to Tom Rosenberg, president of the American Camp Association, summer camp officials have been working hard to meet ALL the latest CDC safety guidelines, for limiting the spread of COVID-19. And here’s a short checklist of some of the changes we should expect:

First, camps will now assign kids to so-called “pods” of no more than 10 to 30 campers, depending on the state. And for the entire time they’re at camp, pods will be required to stick together – with NO interaction allowed with other pods of children.

Also, before kids can even enter camp, they’ll undergo a quick health screening and get their temperature checked. And if they show ANY sign of sickness, they’ll be sent home.

As for face masks, most camps will require all employees to wear them. But with activities like swimming, for example, kids will be allowed to go mask-free – again, as long as they stay within their own “pod.”

And after each activity, everything will be cleaned and disinfected before another “pod” arrives. That means fishing rods… tennis racquets… friendship bracelet kits… and other traditional summer camp equipment will be thoroughly sanitized, with as little sharing between pods as possible.