Here’s some good news I have a list of items that financial experts say will cost us a lot less money this year:

First: Used cars. During the recession, many people saved money by buying used cars – which caused used car prices to jump up to 33 percent! But according to the experts at Kelley Blue Book, used car prices have peaked and this year, they’re expected to drop at least 4 percent. One reason is because new cars are becoming more affordable. After all, some features that used to only be found in luxury cars – like rear-view cameras – are now becoming standard in all cars And as more cars adopt that technology, dealers can offer it at lower prices

Another thing that’ll cost less in 2013: TVs. In fact, over the past three years, the average price for a 32-inch set has been slashed in half and expects say prices will keep dropping – because people aren’t buying as many new TVs. That’s because most of us have already replaced our old, boxy, tube-style TVs with flat screens. So now, if we do buy a new TV, it’s because we want a bigger screen, or other features.

Also, expect to pay less for eBooks. From day one, eBooks have always been cheaper than regular books.  But publishers recently struck a new deal that gives book retailers more pricing flexibility – meaning they can now sell eBooks at even deeper discounts than usual! That’s why Amazon, for example, can offer hundreds of new best-selling eBooks for as little as .99 cents!