Having a baby soon? Here’s what you have to look forward to, according to a new survey of 3,000 new parents:  

  • First: Get ready to spend a LOT of money. It may not surprise you to know that parents now spend an average of $5,300 dollars on baby products in just the first year after the child’s birth. Most of that money is spent on new equipment like sterilizers and bottles or decorations for the nursery. But the bulk of that baby budget is spent on diapers.

  • Another thing new parents can look forward to: More arguments. This survey found that most couples average about two-and-a-half arguments a week before having a baby. But after that “bundle of joy” arrives? Arguments increase 42-percent to at least one every other day. Researchers say the most common arguments are over whose turn it is to feed the baby, or change the baby’s diaper. But one in five new parents said they argued because they were feeling “neglected” by their partner. The good news? Most new parents admit these are “silly” arguments they have due to stress and exhaustion. And it’s no wonder, since they’re only getting four hours and 20 minutes of sleep a night on average. That’s about half the eight hours that most sleep experts recommend we get. 

  • And despite all that, researchers say at least 40-percent of the parents in this survey described their first year with a new baby as “the biggest learning experience of their lives." One that most of them say is every bit as challenging as it is special.