Did you hurt yourself? Then head to the fridge! Here’s what to eat if you’re nursing a particular injury. Courtesy of Wieder Publications.

  • If you have a pulled hamstring: Eat grilled salmon with broccoli. The potassium in the broccoli will help repair the muscle, and the omega-3 fats in the fish reduce inflammation.
  • What if you have a bruise? Eat a spinach salad tossed with extra virgin olive oil. Spinach is loaded with Vitamin K, which’ll help clot your blood so the bruise can heal. And olive oil contains a compound that helps stop inflammation.
  • What should you eat to heal a cut or gash? Eat a burger made from lean beef on a whole wheat bun. The protein in the beef will help produce new skin cells, and the iron will bring oxygen to the blood – which speeds healing. And the whole grains in the bun will calm inflamed tissue.
  • What should you eat if you have a broken bone? Make a smoothie with orange juice, plain yogurt, and honey. The orange juice contains Vitamin D, the yogurt contains calcium, and the honey contain magnesium. All of which help bones rebuild themselves.

So let’s review: Eat salmon and broccoli for a pulled hamstring, have a spinach salad tossed in olive oil to heal a bruise, eat a lean beef burger on a whole wheat bun to heal a cut, and make a smoothie to help repair a broken bone.