The average person now spends almost 10 hours a day sitting

So what does all that sitting do to your body? And what can you do to counteract the damage? Here are the facts from physical therapist Dr. Dan Giordano:

First, simply put: Sitting shuts down your glutes. Those are the muscles in your rear end, and they’re important for maintaining balance. But when you sit on those muscles, you compress and deactivate them.

And that increases your risk for feeling pain! Because when your rear-end muscles aren’t working efficiently, it means all the surrounding muscles need to compensate - and that can cause stress injuries. Dr. Giordano says this is why your hips and lower back may feel sore after hours of sitting… because you’re making your smaller oblique and flexor muscles work harder!

And over time, more sitting leads to increasingly WEAKER muscles, and a higher risk for CHRONIC pain, throughout your body.

The good news? Dr. Giordano says the best way to avoid all those problems is to simply EXERCISE. And spend at least 15 minutes a day focusing on moves that strengthen your glutes and core – including squats, lunges, and leg lifts. Even squeezing your glute muscles while you sit can help. Because the stronger your glutes and core, the more protection you’ll have against the damage of sitting!