Your boss can make or break your career. 2,000 workers were surveyed and here’s what the researchers found.

Half of those workers said their boss significantly impacted their career in a positive way, like by helping them move up the ladder. But for 1 out of 5 people, a boss hurt their career. And the survey found that the biggest career-damaging moves by management were blocking promotions, delaying or refusing raises, limiting exposure to senior management, and discouraging teamwork.

Experts say your relationship with your boss directly influences how you feel about your job. It’s also a good predictor of how well you do at work. In fact, research shows that employees with a good boss tend to stay at their jobs longer, are more productive and happier. But if you have a bad relationship with your boss, you’re much less likely to work as hard or advance. And you’re more likely to leave for another job that’s not as good, or that pays less, just to get away.

So, what should you do if you have a bad boss? 

Experts say the best way to turn around a toxic relationship is by having a face-to-face discussion. Ask them point blank what areas you can improve on, and offer to take on more responsibilities to lessen their workload. That’ll show your boss you’re a hard worker and care about the company. It’ll also open up dialogue, so you can tackle future problems earlier, before they snowball into something major, and potentially career damaging.