Even though Facebook now has more than a billion registered members, some experts say all of our Facebook friends can be boiled down to one of just five personality “types.” Do you agree? See how many of your friends are on this list:

  • The Eternal Optimist. They’re the ones who post things about how much they love their friends, family, jobs or even just breathing oxygen! In other words: Nothing seems to ever get them down. Or, if it does, they won’t talk about it on Facebook.

  • The Eternal Downer. This is the Facebook friend who always seems to be getting dumped or fired. And just when you think it can’t get any worse, they’re posting something about being sick, or rushing to the hospital for yet another emergency. And then they wonder why their friends won’t ever text or call them back.

  • The Activist. Pick a topic – any topic: Politics, the economy, animal rights or the environment. Chances are you have at least one Facebook friend who lets you know where they stand on these issues every day – by uploading pictures, links, and articles related to their favorite cause.

  • The Food Guru. Basically, this friend is online for only one reason – to let you know what they’re eating, 24 hours a day! Their news feed is packed with restaurant “check-ins,” and Instagram photos of their meals.

  • The “Liker.” This “friend” is always the first to “like” every comment you post. Sometimes, this person is a Facebook stalker – hanging on every status update you post. But most of the time, they’re a relative who also loves to tag you in every embarrassing family photo they post.