Ladies it may be hard to get your man on the dance floor - but it’s not because he thinks he has two left feet!

That’s according to University of Hertfordshire psychologist Dr. Peter Lovatt, also known as “The Doctor of Dance.” His research shows that even though most men shy away from dancing, they think they’re Fred Astaire. Here are the details, courtesy of Science Daily.

Dr. Lovatt asked men to rate their dancing skills compared with other guys their own age. Now, this won’t surprise anyone who’s ever chaperoned a middle school dance - males under 16 have zero confidence in their abilities. But in their late teens, guys get a rush of hormones that make them think they’re good at just about everything. And dancing is no exception. Lovatt says that after age 16, the older a man gets, the higher he rates his dancing skills.

So, if men think they have “the moves” - why don’t they show them off more often? Lovatt believes that many men see dancing as a “girl thing,” so it just doesn’t occur to them to do it.

But if you’re one of those guys, let me leave you with this: Ballroom dancing burns as many calories as punching a heavy bag, and twice as many as playing Frisbee or skateboarding.

And in a study, women rated men who were good dancers as being more attractive than non-dancers 100 percent of the time.