It turns out, breakfast may not be the most important meal of the day after all. That’s according to Men’s Health editor in chief, David Zinczenko, who co-wrote the new book, The 8-Hour Diet. It basically describes breakfast as, quote: “the greatest weight-loss myth ever told!” Even our expert says he bought into the research showing that people who skip breakfast tend gain weight. For example, one study shows that skipping breakfast makes us a whopping 450% more likely to be obese!

The problem is, lots of new research is showing that just isn’t true. In fact, a study in Nutrition Journal says that the more calories we eat at breakfast, the more total calories we’re likely to eat the rest of the day! And research in the Journal of Physiology concluded that the simplest way for obese people to lose weight is to exercise first thing in the morning. Make that your breakfast! Then, you can eat some eggs – if you’re still hungry. But since most people have a reduced appetite after exercise, you probably won’t feel like munching on anything for an hour or so. And by that time, you’ll probably just eat a snack, instead of a whole pancake platter. Plus, other new studies link skipping breakfast with lower rates of diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and premature death!

So, where did all this talk about breakfast being the “most important meal of the day” come from? The National Institute on Aging says it has to do with money! There are a lot of businesses relying on your morning meal. In fact, breakfast cereals rake in $11 billion dollars a year alone! But, as radical as it sounds, a lot of new research is showing that one of the easiest ways to eat less each day is to skip breakfast.