Want another reason to look forward to retirement? You’ll be happier than you’ve been in a long time. At least that’s the take-home message from a recent survey that shows the top two ages for enjoying life are 9 and 68. 

Researchers asked thousands of people about their priorities. The results: For 80% of 9-year-old kids, their top priority was “having fun." No big surprise there. But narrowly behind them in second place – and the only other group where fun was a huge priority – were the 68-year-olds! 

So, why does fun score lower on the priority scale for everybody else? Experts say it seems they’re more worried about goals and achievements than having a good time. In fact, 75% of people between 20 and 50 said responsibilities, like paying off debts and furthering their career, pushed leisure activities off their priority list altogether.

Maybe that’s why half the children in the survey also said that their grandparents are a lot more fun than their parents.