Okay Guys, Pop Quiz: What's the best way to court a woman? 

What's the best way to court a woman? Is it: A: shower her with gifts or... B: wine and dine her? 

If you answered "B" - you're on the right track for love!

According to Reuters, men should skip expensive presents or costly jewelry when they're trying to impress a woman. It turns out that the old fashioned dinner date is the best way to win her heart. Researchers at Imperial College London developed a mathematical formula to find the best way to impress the ladies. I know, it sounds totally unromantic, but it worked. They found that offering an expensive present shows that a man is serious about a woman - but it's also risky. He might attract gold-diggers who'll dump him after getting the gift, or he might scare off the right girl who thinks he's trying to **BUY her love. **
But by offering less expensive gestures of affection, like dinner and a movie, the guy isn't out any money if the invitation isn't accepted. And he's less likely to scare off a cautious woman. Plus, the gift you give a woman should have no re-sale value. She shouldn't be able to hock it on eBay after the date. The gifts that impress women the most are the gifts of an experience. Meaning, when you take her to an amusement park on a date, that experience, and the memory of it with you   are the things that are going to last and that are appreciated more than a fancy bottle of perfume. 
_So guys, - when you're trying to woo her, skip the jewels and offer to buy her an experience instead._