Experts say it’s whenever you want, because any exercise is better than no exercise. And no matter what time of day you work out, you’ll experience significant health benefits. So, which time works best for you?

  • If you work out in the early morning, then you’re most likely to stick to your exercise routine. That’s according to a study from the American Council on Exercise. They say it’s because when we get exercise out of the way in the morning, it’s harder to be thrown off by unexpected distractions like work, friends, or being too tired.
  • What if you exercise after breakfast? Research shows that of all exercise groups, you’re in the one most likely to eat a healthy lunch. That’s because exercise curbs our hunger hormones. So, after we finish burning off calories in the morning, our body won’t crave lots of junk food all afternoon!
  • What’s the benefit of exercising during your lunch break? It turns out you’ll be more focused at work. Experts say it’s because exercise pumps extra blood to the brain, which provides oxygen and nutrients to the parts of the brain responsible for concentration and reasoning skills. Plus, with the energy boost you’ll get, you’ll avoid an afternoon energy slump - and actually get more work done!
  • And what if you wait to exercise after work? Experts say evening exercisers tend to have the easiest time working out. Because after a full day of moving around, our body temperature is at its highest, and our muscles are the strongest and most flexible. So, it’ll feel like you can keep going and going at the gym.
  • Are there any benefits to exercising at night? Yes. A recent Harvard study found that because exercise helps lower cortisol levels, a night-time workout will lower your overall stress and anxiety levels. And for some people, that could make it easier to fall asleep – since they won’t be tossing and turning, worrying about all they have to get done the next day.