Parents used to look forward to their kids getting married and having families and they wanted it to happen as quickly as possible. But times have changed!

Researchers at Brigham Young University interviewed hundreds of twenty-somethings and their parents about their opinions on marriage. The result: The young people thought the best time to get married was between age 25 and 30.  But their parents thought that was too soon. Why? Because the parents wanted their kids to finish their education before getting hitched. And because fewer parents believe that an undergrad degree provides enough of a head-start in life, more of them are pushing their kids toward graduate school.

But the biggest reason parents think their kids should delay marriage is money. Simply put, they want their children to be financially stable before tying the knot. Unfortunately for worried parents, finances don’t play a big role in their children’s thinking. In fact, even though half of college grads are concerned they’ll have trouble paying off their student loans, young people didn’t list being debt-free as a prerequisite to marriage.