So, what makes a woman decide that she won’t go out on a second or a third date with someone? Well for starters - take off that dirty baseball cap, guys. Authors Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle polled hundreds of women about the things guys do that send up red flags. They came up with a staggering 311 “turn-offs”! They’ve put them all in a book called Undateable, but we’ve got a sneak peek for you right now. Guys, here’s what’s interfering with your chances at romance.

  • Super-dirty baseball caps: The ladies say they totally understand that it’s your lucky hat, but you need to hose it down every once in a while. Otherwise, they’ll assume your head smells. All you have to do, guys, is stick it in the dishwasher. Problem solved.
  • Next red-flag: Bad Spelling: Coyle says it’s impossible to swoon when a guy doesn’t know the difference between “definitely” and “defiantly.” If you tell a woman you’re “defiantly” looking forward to seeing her, you’re quickly losing points. Calling her “sweaty” instead of “sweetie” will kill the romance instantly.
  • One more no-no, guys: Tween Texting: The ladies say that 90-percent of how much they’re attracted to you has already been decided by the time they arrive at a date - and a lot of that depends on your ability to communicate in a mature manner. If you send a text saying, “I’d love 2 see u 2-nite” - using the letter “u” and the number “2” in place of the actual words - that sends the message that you haven’t gotten past an 8th grade mentality.
  • Some other offenders include unbuttoning your shirt to the middle of your chest, ordering salad at dinner, and wearing class rings. C’mon, the “glory days” of high school are over. Time to move on.

For a full run-down on what makes women run the other way, guys, check out the book Undateable.