Have you been stuck in a career rut, while everyone else seems to be getting raises and promotions? You could be doing something that keeps others from noticing how talented you are. So, here are the workplace mistakes that may be holding you back.

  • Getting defensive. Career expert Alison Green says that people don’t like dealing with coworkers who can’t handle constructive criticism……And get defensive any time someone questions their decision, instead of trying to see the truth in it. If you tend to take negative feedback personally, your best bet is to wait to respond. Try saying, “Thanks for the input. I’ll take a look at my work and get back to you.”

  • Keeping your thoughts to yourself. Thomas White is a professor of business ethics at Loyola University. And his research shows that successful people have one common trait: A willingness to speak up when they think anyone – even their boss – is about to make a mistake. But here’s the KEY! It’s not about nit-picking – it’s about offering a solution. So if you see a mistake about to happen, speak up – but offer a way to go forward.

  • Negative attitude. Experts say that the most effective managers make 6 positive comments for every negative one. Otherwise, they risk depressing and upsetting everyone around them. Bottom line: Focusing on what’s right helps everyone get more done.

  • Being disorganized. A survey by Career Builder found that 40-percent of bosses rate people with messy desks less favorably than those with organized workspaces.