What’s making you break out? Dermatologists say our modern lifestyle is a zit-producing nightmare! So which factors are causing our outbreak of break outs?

  • Our increasing use of prescription meds! Lithium, steroids like Prednisone, antidepressants and ADHD pills list acne as a potential side effect.

  • Another pimple producer, our desire to cut fat by drinking skim milk! Not all dairy has a negative effect on the face, but researchers have found that there’s a link between skim milk and blemishes. Because it triggers higher levels of a growth factor called IGF-1 - which is similar to insulin. So if you’ve got zits, skip the skim and try soy or almond milk instead. 

  • Another modern convenience that’s giving us zits? Our cell phones! If you’re breaking out on one cheek more than the other, it may be the side on which you hold your phone to your face! Because our phones are a breeding ground for bacteria. 

  • What else? Gluten may be a pimple causer, or rather the stomach upset it triggers. There’s a link between digestive health and acne. See a gastroenterologist for your stomach trouble and your face might clear up too. 

So what does NOT cause acne? Stress.  Stress by itself isn’t enough to make your face break out.