One-third of hiring managers admit they pass over job candidates who provide too much information. So, here’s what NOT to include on your résumé:

  • Details about your personal life. Age, race, political affiliation, and marital status can immediately disqualify you because employers worry about getting sued for discrimination.  
  • Out-of-date employment information and unrelated hobbies. In other words, if you’re a 40-something accountant, don’t mention the lifeguard gig you had at 16. If you’re not sure what to leave in, ask yourself, “Does it show I can do the job?” For example, your world-class stamp collection won’t matter if you’re applying for a job flipping burgers, but it might be worth mentioning if the job is librarian.
  • Another résumé no-no: Including a photograph. That’s because it’s illegal to hire someone based on appearance. So, unless you’re a model or an actor, a photo will only get your résumé tossed.
  • Finally: Never lie on your résumé! This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of people do it, and a potential employer won’t take a second look if they suspect you’re over-embellishing your background.