Let’s talk politics……

Or rather, the factors that get us to vote one way or the other. It’s not always about party affiliation. Sometimes, certain things can soak into our subconscious and influence us. Here are some examples, according to Dr. Todd Rogers, a social psychologist at Harvard Kennedy School of Government:

  • We’re swayed by a handsome face. No one wants to think they’re superficial, but it’s a fact. Voters are drawn to candidates they consider attractive. We view them as more competent, as having more integrity and leadership skills. Think back to the first televised presidential debate in 1960, between JFK and Nixon – viewers were absolutely swayed by the younger and more telegenic John Kennedy. And even today, when studies are done asking people to choose between two fictional candidates, they tend to pick the more attractive person – even if all their policies are the same. 

  • Another subconscious deciding factor? A deep voice. A Duke University biologist had fake candidates record a message saying “I urge you to vote for me.” And when people were asked which candidate they’d choose, both men and women picked the one with the deeper voice. 

  • A final factor that influences our vote? The weather. We’re happier on sunny days – and that makes us think things, overall, aren’t so bad. So we’re more likely to vote for the person who’s already in office. If we’re asked to vote on a day with bad weather, we’re more likely to want change – and vote for the opposition.