You never really have to ask someone “How are you” – if you know how to read their body language. Here are a few telltale signs you can read:

Guys, we’ll start with one for you. If you’re on a date and the woman brushes her hair off her face with her hand – you’re in. It’s a combination sign of nerves and flirtation. And brushing her hair away calls attention to her most feminine features – her face and neck.

If you’re in a meeting and you want to know who’s freaking out – look around the table at everyone’s eyes. The normal blink rate is about 7 times a minute. But under stress you’ll blink more often and more dramatically. So if you want to know who’s freaking out during a meeting and who’s cool as a cucumber, check the blink rate.

You can also get a glimpse into how someone’s memory works by looking at their eyes. When they’re trying to recall something they’ve seen, they’ll look up – as if they’re trying to picture it. When they’re trying to remember something they’ve heard, they’ll look sideways, toward their ears. And if someone is recalling something emotional,  they’ll look down – a sign that they’re more introspective.

If you want to show someone you’re interested in what they’re saying and encourage them to continue – nod. Specifically, nodding in clusters of three works and sends a signal that you’re interested – and whomever is speaking will lengthen their response threefold. But if you want someone to pipe down, nod only once and they’ll subliminally get the message.