A cold margarita may taste great on a hot day, but your organs are working overtime from the very first sip. Here's what happens to your body on just ONE margarita.* The first sip instantly lands in your stomach. If it were accompanied by food, it would have been slowed down. It would have gone through your blood stream before hitting your liver. However, without food, that means your liver has to drop everything to break down the flood of alcohol. So it puts everything else on hold, including processing calories. * Within 30 minutes, your liver is so overwhelmed that the alcohol starts getting backed up and shoots to your brain. Once it's in your brain, it disrupts the activity in your hippocampus, which controls your memory, and the cerebellum, which controls your movement, and the prefrontal cortex, which controls your mood. Ever seen a crying, clumsy drunk who can't remember anything? That's why.* Then, you'll race to the bathroom because alcohol is a powerful diuretic.* After an hour of drinking ONE margarita, it'll be transformed by your liver into carbon dioxide, which you breathe out, and water, which you'll urinate.Left behind though, are the 400 calories you took in. Since your liver was so busy, your body stored the calories as fat.Just something to think about at happy hour.