Bars are great places to strike up conversations, and share random facts, so here are some random facts you may not know about what goes on behind the scenes in bars:

  • First: They may not be sanitary. In fact, a study found that 70-percent of lemon wedges in bars had some type of bacteria that could potentially make us sick! Researchers say the most common reasons are because bartenders rarely clean their cutting boards, or they leave garnishes, like olives, lemons, and limes,  in places where customers can touch them with dirty hands. The fix? If your state gives letter grades for cleanliness, look for bars with an “A” grade. 

  • Another fact about bars: That “pint” of beer you’re drinking may not really be a pint. Experts say bartenders have all sorts of “tricks” for short-pouring our drinks. And one of the most popular is pouring beer into so-called “cheater” glasses, which have thicker bottoms,  so what looks like a 16-ounce pint, may really only be about 14-ounces! The good news is that the US Bartenders’ Guild recently came out saying that short-pouring is bad for business. Because when customers catch on to bars using cheater glasses, they usually go and find a new place to drink.

  • One more fact about bars: If a bartender cuts you off, it may be for THEIR sake more than YOURS. That’s because 38 states now have laws saying that bartenders can be held accountable if they serve drinks to someone who’s “obviously intoxicated,” and then that person injures someone in a crash. In other words, if a bartender refuses to serve you, that’s their way of saying: “I’m worried you might be drunk, but more importantly, I don’t want to get sued!”