Attention, dieters! Time to bust open the top fad diets that experts say 100 percent don’t work.

  • Number one: The chewing diet. That’s where you chew each bite of food 80 times, then spit it out. A lot of people love it because they get to enjoy the flavor of food without absorbing a lot of calories. But experts warn that the chewing diet is one step away from bulimia and most likely will cause you to develop an eating disorder. That’s because you’re basically programming your brain not to eat. Also, experts say holding food in your mouth for a long time before spitting it out wears away tooth enamel.

  • Then, have you heard of the baby food diet? That’s where you swap out one meal a day with 7 jars of baby food. Die-hards love it because they say that eating food out of a teeny-tiny jar trains them to get used to teeny-tiny food portions. But experts warn that the only time you should eat baby food is if you can fit into a onesie. Why? Because baby food doesn’t contain enough vitamins and nutrients for your adult body. In fact, doctors say that a baby food diet often causes severe bone density loss.

  • And, the final diet fad to avoid: The 17-day diet. That’s where every 17 days you dramatically change up how much food you eat, from next to none to a ton. The idea is that by switching up your calorie intake, you’ll prevent your body from getting used to your eating habits which will trick your metabolism running in high gear. But experts warn that it’s 100 percent impossible to trick your metabolism by changing your diet. The only thing that’s proven to speed it up is exercise.