Let’s talk about your “working wardrobe,” because according to a new study, most business leaders say what we wear to work says a lot about the type of workers we are. And it can even impact our chance of getting a promotion!

So, here’s what you need to know about your work “look”:

  • Designer outfits. People automatically think you’re successful. Because research shows that we subconsciously associate designer labels with traits like discipline, hard work, and intelligence. But beware of designer labels if you’re just starting out in the working world. Experts say that broadcasts a sense of entitlement, or that you don’t need to work.

  • Trendy clothes. Experts say the perception is that if you spend a lot of time keeping up with the latest trends, then you probably care more about your clothes than your job. Plus, people may think you’re the type who changes jobs as often as their style.

  • Comfortable and casual. Go ahead and take that route if your workplace is laid back. Most experts recommend casual chinos, or jeans paired with a jacket – as long as you look polished. That sends the message that you’re relaxed and easy to talk to. Although if you dress too casual, people will think your work ethic is as sloppy as your clothes.

  • The “sloppy genius” look. You know the one - like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg? In general, experts say cleanliness and hygiene often matter more than the actual clothes you wear. But it all depends on the job you have. For example: If you work as an accountant, people are going to think you’ll handle their money the same way you handle your wardrobe!