Want to figure someone out fast? You just need to know how to decode their living space! A team of psychologists to figure it all out for you and they've made it easy for you. Here are the clues to look for:

  • If you want to know whether someone will bare their soul to you or shut you out, look at their furniture. According to design psychologist Dr. Constance Forrest, a private, closed-off person will have the backs of chairs, or the back of the couch, facing the entryway.

  • Also, according to Dr. Nicholas Martin, a personnel research psychologist, open and adventurous people often have cluttered shelves with tons of family pictures on display. People who are more guarded typically thrive on order and organization.  

  • Want to know if the woman in your life is controlling or flexible? Look at her book shelves again. Are books grouped by subject? Alphabetized by author? Dr. Samuel Gosling, a psychologist from the University of Texas, says that’s a sign of neuroticism. This is a woman who won’t like it one bit if you leave the cap off the toothpaste. Also, a person who has books from several genres – like romance novels, biographies, and murder mysteries – is imaginative and curious about life in general.  More so than someone who only reads one type of book.

  • Okay, now what about the pictures and paintings displayed on the wall? Dr. Gosling says introverts tend to display more photos and art of nature – or objects with muted backgrounds. Extroverts are drawn to pictures of people.

  • And sneak a peek at the snapshots on the fridge.  If the person is front and center in each one, you could have a narcissist on your hands. But snapshots of their pet, or niece and nephew, reflect a person who’s affectionate and sentimental.