That's the word from Murray Langham, author of the book "Chocolate Therapy: Dare to Discover Your Inner Center." According to him, what people like in the middle of their chocolate pieces says a lot about their personality. And when researching his book, in 98% of the people he polled, their choices matched their personality profiles.

Here's how he breaks it down:

  • Cherry lovers are enthusiasts. Brimming with energy and a lust for life, you see the world as a big bowl of cherries. But you're also impatient.

  • Peppermint lovers are future builders. "Life is full of possibilities" is your motto. But constantly striving for something more means you might overlook the happiness right under your nose.

  • Fudge lovers are charmers. Because of your personality, things tend to go your way. But on the flipside, the smallest upset leaves you frustrated.

  • Orange lovers are usually deep thinkers. You get absorbed in a task, usually with extraordinary results. But one task is pretty much all you can handle.

  • Almond lovers are smart. You meet every goal, but your focused ambition makes you seem cold.

  • Coconut lovers are creative whizzes. Your imagination and artistic flair make you a great cook and storyteller. But you're prone to letting mundane duties slide.

  • Strawberry lovers are sweethearts. You're compassionate, caring and you always find time for others, even if it leaves you exhausted.