Guys, want to know what your facial hair says about your personality? We have the answer!

  • The Soul Patch. It's been described as the "lowest form of facial hair." If you've got a tiny strip of hair below your mouth, like Howie Mandel, it says you're afraid to commit to anything dramatic.
  • The Chinstrap. That's the name for the thin line of hair outlining the bottom of the chin, worn by people like Chris Daughtry. Because the chinstrap requires meticulous grooming, the experts say it tells the world that you care deeply about physical appearance.
  • The Mustache. Experts say any guy rocking the Tom Selleck look these days is confident and wants to appear manly, since a disproportionate number of police officers and fire fighters have mustaches.
  • Sideburns. If your sideburns have reached Elvis or Wolverine proportions, you're saying: "I think my hair is so awesome that it needs more space on my face!"
  • The Full Beard. Well, if it's scraggly, like one of the guys in ZZ Top, that's a sign that you're creative, but likely single and unemployed because women and hiring managers rarely spend time with men who have an out-of-control "face bush!" However, if your beard is neatly groomed, like the guy who plays "the most interesting man in the world" in those commercials, then congratulations: Experts say you've got the ideal facial hair. It means you pay attention to detail, you're at total ease with yourself, and you've probably got some amazing stories to tell!