Where does clutter collect in your life? Your answer could reveal certain aspects of your personality. * For example: People with messy desks are less likely to meet deadlines. That's because a messy workspace is a huge distraction. Digging through piles of paper wastes time and energy. According to Laura Stack, author of The Exhaustion Cure, just the sight of those stacks can raise anxiety, decrease efficiency, and drain your brain. Plus, 40-percent of bosses rate people with messy desks less favorably than those with organized workspaces. * So, is your nightstand piled with books and magazines? According to psychologist Dr. Sam Gosling, it means you're curious and have an active mind. But experts say you shouldn't load your bedside table with an entire year's worth of reading. Because too much clutter raises levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which can lead to insomnia. * Finally: What does a full basement or garage say about your personality? Professional organizer Regina Leeds says that people who keep boxes of memorabilia are loyal, and have strong ties to family and friends. Unfortunately, UCLA researchers found that hanging onto too much stuff can be a red flag for depression. To see if you're at the risk for depression, try throwing out some of your children's old things. If you can't bear to toss out the plaster handprints they made in first grade - that makes sense. But if you can't throw out old spelling tests and messy coloring books, you may be infusing meaning into things that have no emotional significance.