20 percent of all homes are purchased by single women. In fact, women have a major say in the purchase of 91 percent of all the houses sold. So, what do women want in a home?

  • First: A great kitchen. Preferably, a big, open space for cooking, eating, entertaining, homework, and watching TV. Women are increasingly interested in healthy, home-cooked meals. They also want to create a “social entertaining hub” where people can hang out. In fact, the kitchen is the first thing women will look at, while men are more interested in socializing outdoors, so backyards are more important to them.

  • After the kitchen, what else do women want in a house? They make a beeline for the bedroom closets. Above all else, women want large walk-in closets – which can make or break a sale. But storage in general is huge for women, especially working moms, which 77 percent of mothers are. They want extra cupboards for hiding and organizing the clutter of a busy family. Extra garage space also falls under that “storage” heading. 

  • Women also want security. Feeling safe at home is crucial – especially for women living alone.  Experts say that’s why women tend to buy condos above the second floor, with door buzzers, and secure, underground parking. 

  • They also want a separate laundry room. Women don’t want to pull into the garage at the end of a long day, and see laundry waiting. It makes it feel like a second job. They also don’t want to have to schlep down to the basement with a laundry basket. They’d prefer a simple utility closet off the kitchen, or close to the bedrooms. 

  • What’s the final perk women are looking for in a house? Jetted bathtubs. The bubblier, the better. Even though most people take showers these days, a jetted tub is still a big selling point for women. Why? Because kids love them.