You'll probably think twice about what shoes you wear after reading this: a study at the University of Kansas found that people can size you up just by glancing at your shoes.
Researchers photographed 200 men and women and the shoes they were wearing. Then, volunteers looked at the pictures, and guessed key personality traits about the shoe wearer. Like whether they were an extrovert, introvert, conservative, or hippy.
The result? 90% of their predictions matched the shoe owners' self-described personality. Proving that you can judge a person by their footwear! So, how can you read a person based on their footwear? Here are a few findings from the shoe study:

  • Colorful shoes belong to extroverts.
  • Conscientious people like clean shoes.
  • Aggressive personalities wear ankle boots.
  • And people who love simple shoes are usually single. Researchers say that's because wearing, say, plain tan loafers, sends the message that you're not trying to impress a potential mate.