Whether you’re posting photos to an online dating profile, or choosing an outfit to wear for a date, choose carefully! Here’s how experts say we may be ruining our look without even knowing it:

  • You’re not smiling. Because many studies show that we find smiling people to be more attractive, confident and trustworthy than those who look serious all the time. And it helps if your smile shows off white teeth because people with yellow teeth are often rated as the least attractive to the opposite sex.

  • You grow a scraggly beard. In a new study, researchers found that the more facial hair men had, the less likely women were to rate them as “attractive.” That’s because men with full beards are often perceived as being too aggressive. But guys with a stubbly, 5 o’clock shadow look were rated as the most attractive.

  • You post too many close-ups online. Research shows that the closer a camera gets to our face, the more distorted we appear. Meaning, close-ups can make it look like we have a bigger nose, smaller ears or a wider chin. So, only post photos taken from at least 7 feet away, which is the distance experts recommend for “maximum attractiveness.

  • Wear the wrong shoes. Believe it or not, a study from the University of Kansas shows that most people can accurately predict our age, income, and even our relationship success – just by looking at our shoes! So, when you’re dressing for a date, it pays to invest in shoes that match your personality. Because if your shoes look ratty, old, and out-of-style, people are going to think of you the same way.