Men have been asking that question forever   and the answer is surprisingly simple! It's not good looks, charm, money, or even power. What women say they want most in a man is FIDELITY.

Over half of the women who responded to a Leger Marketing-Canadian Press poll said that a "faithful partner" was the most important trait to look for in a potential mate. Men rated physical attraction much more highly than the women. But both men and women thought that fidelity was the most important of all.

Here are the results of the survey of over 1000 adults. Both men and women were asked to name the top 3 attributes they most valued in a potential mate. What women want most in a man:

  • A faithful partner: 54 percent of women chose this as one of the three most important qualities.
  • A respect for the other person's independence: 40 percent of women chose this.
  • And 35 percent of women listed the "ability to listen" as an important trait for men.

Now here's what men want most in a woman:

  • 47 percent rated fidelity as the most important trait in a woman.
  • 26 percent of men valued physical attraction as one of the top 3 attributes.
  • And 35 percent of men (that's one in three) said that intelligence was one of the top 3 qualities they look for in a partner.

And one more thing: 90 percent of those polled believed that it was possible to be happy with the same person for a lifetime.