Ladies – next time you receive a vague text message from a guy and wonder what the heck it means, like “Hey. Let’s touch base soon." You don’t need to obsessively analyze it. Instead, there’s a new website that’ll decode the cryptic text message for you.

It’s called and it lets you post a screenshot of the confusing text message in question. Then site users read it, and click a button that says he’s “into you” or “not into you.” 

And if you want a more detailed breakdown of what a text means, just ask a bro – literally! The site has an “Ask a Bro” feature, where you email one of their male staffers a brief question – like “I’ve been texting a guy for 2 weeks and he suddenly won’t answer my messages. What’s up?” Then, they’ll email you their take on it. 

And even though they’re not relationship experts, a lot of users appreciate hearing a male perspective. 

Plus, it’s honest feedback – instead of getting sugarcoated answers from your friends, who might not want to hurt your feelings. 

So, if you want to get your messages decoded, check out the free site,