What does your dog have in common with a penguin? Their feet. It turns out, your dog's paws are very similar in design to the wings of a penguin, arctic foxes feet, and even dolphins' fins. They're all designed to keep the animals warm in freezing temperatures.

Dogs have an intricate heat transfer system built into their paws that immediately warms cold blood. Couple that with a high amount of freeze-resistant tissue and fat located in the pads of the paw, and a dog's paw can stay warm in crazy-cold climates.

That means you can let your pet dog play freely in the snow with your pet penguin without fear of frozen paws.

But that doesn't mean that dogs don't get frostbite - they do. Most dogs are at risk from frostbite on the tips of their ears and tail - areas that don't get a lot of circulation. So don't keep them outside in freezing weather. If your a dog shivers furiously, then stops abruptly, get them inside and warm immediately, because that's a sign they're in serious danger of freezing to death.