Weight loss is a hot topic right now and you hear a lot of crazy gimmicks. So what works? I have the facts from Registered Dietician Cynthia Sass.

Like what about the Master Cleanse? Beyonce’s used it – so have Denzel Washington and Anne Hathaway. It’s a combination of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. So does it work? Yes because you’re starving yourself. On it, you’re consuming under 700 calories a day, and anyone would lose weight that way. But you’re not getting any nutrients and you’re not getting any substantial food. So the minute you go off it, you’ll gain the weight back. Also, “cleansing” for too long can deplete muscle tissue, including your heart muscle, and it can reduce the size and functioning ability of organs like the kidney and liver. Plus, you’ll be running to the bathroom every 2 minutes.

Another diet trend: The “no white” diet – basically cutting out white sugar, white flour and white rice. Does it work? Dietician Cynthia Sass says yes – it may be one of the healthiest fad diets out there. That’s because you’re cutting out foods that have been stripped of their vitamins, minerals and fiber.

How about the facts on another diet fad: The raw food diet. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is an easy way to drop pounds. Not only is it hard to completely change the way you eat – but there are plenty of raw foods that are high in calories – like nuts. Dietician Sass says she’s known people to GAIN weight going on a raw food diet because they gorged themselves on nuts! And not all food is healthiest in its raw state because cooking can make certain nutrients more-easily absorbed by your body.