A generation of young men are “failing to launch”.  That’s how psychologists are describing the growing number of young adult guys who lack the motivation – or the know-how - to move forward in their life.

For example: New statistics show that men ages 18 to 23 are twice as likely as women of the same age to live at home with their parents.  They’re also less likely to finish college, or to have a job.

So what’s going on? Michael Simon is a family therapist who says one common factor is that many of these young men have parents who expect very little from them. The thrust has been for women to improve themselves. They do better in school and are taught basic life skills, to help them move on in life. Guys aren’t held to the same standard. They’re allowed to slack off and just be “a guy.”

Sociologist Michael Kimmel even wrote a book about the trend called “Guy Land.” He interviewed 400 plus guys between the ages of 16 and 26. And he says they grow up feeling entitled to an easy job after school, with a built-in role as the breadwinner of the family.

But the reality is that since the 70s, salaries for twenty-something males have plummeted 20 percent and women have actually outpaced men as breadwinners!

Faced with this reality, men have a hard time adjusting to life as an adult. Kimmel says many men feel abandoned and confused. In fact, the men of Guyland have the highest suicide rate for any age group except men over 70! Instead of maturing, most guys would rather stick with what they know – living out their Peter Pan lifestyle for as long as possible.