Our research team came across a list of the worst toys and gifts to give to kids. And this is especially true if you're giving a gift to someone else's child - like your niece, or your best friend's son. Here's what's on the list:

  • Super noisy toys. If it's so annoyingly loud or just a constant source of noise, don’t buy it.

  • Don’t buy toys with projectile parts. As Mom always said, someone could lose an eye.

  • Stay away from gross toys. Kids may love toys that enable them to make green snot. But the child’s parent doesn’t want their kid walking around with green slime all over them.

  • Don't give a gift that requires a great deal of parental supervision. Like a chemistry set, putting together a 1,000-plus piece construction set, or teaching their children how to play a super complicated board game.

  • Stay away from anything with glitter that can end up embedded in someone's carpet.

  • And the final WORST gift to give a kid: Anything alive - from a puppy to a goldfish. Because that ends up being a chore for the parent - and may cost them oodles of money.

** Anything you want to add to the list? Disagree with it? Worst gift your kid ever received?**