Here’s a prediction – you’ll start standing up a lot more after hearing this story!  A new study found that employees who worked for just one hour a day at stand-up workstations felt significantly more energized, productive and happier than their seated coworkers.

We’ve talked a lot about how dangerous sitting is. And how studies show that the more you sit, the higher the odds are you’ll develop everything from back pain to heart disease! And even people who workout are STILL at risk. Because most people who workout will then sit for the rest of the day. And it’s the length of time spent sitting that’s damaging.

But this new study shows that just one hour a day of standing can make a huge difference in your life and health.  Researchers had one group of volunteers use workstations that let them work while sitting or standing, for example a computer desk that can be easily raised or lowered.

The other group of volunteers worked at regular seated desks. Researchers surveyed both groups several times a day to gauge their emotions and how they physically felt. The result? Ergonomic users spent an average of one hour a day standing while working and were happier, more confident, and more productive. They were also less stressed compared to workers at regular desks.

The only drawback? Ergonomic desks can cost hundreds of dollars.  So a free way to get the same healthy effect is to stand while texting or talking on the phone. All that standing will equal big health benefits.