Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re rediscovering our love for the front porch! Because it’s a way to see and say “hi” to neighbors without getting too close and compromising our health!

Now, back in the days before TV and air conditioning, people often hung out on front porches, enjoying the breeze and socializing with neighbors. And, the tuberculosis epidemic of the 19th century and the Spanish Flu both spurred the creation of large, outdoor spaces, so patients could get fresh air and sunlight, which were thought to help patients recover.

Then, things changed. There were more cars on the road, and people wanted more privacy. So relaxing outside moved to the backyard.

But now that we’re all starved for human connection and fresh air, more people are hanging out on the front porch again, for the chance to chit chat with neighbors. Even the National Association of Home Builders is seeing this trend. They say, on renovation projects, adding or remodeling a porch is among the most common requests.