These tips come from Rodale Publishing:

  • First, hug your honey. Researchers at the University of North Carolina studied couples in stressful situations. The ones who held hands for 10 minutes, then hugged each other for 20 seconds saw their blood pressure drop by half.

  • Next, listen to Bela Bartok – or another classical composer. A study at UC San Diego found that it’s more calming to listen to classical music, than listening to jazz or silence. Why? Because silence won’t distract you from your troubles. And jazz can be complicated and take unexpected musical turns, which makes it harder for your brain to listen to and follow.

  • And the final way to lower your stress, lower your blood pressure, and live longer: get uncomfortable. Do something you think is crazy. Something you’d never normally do. Why? According to behavioral psychologist, Dr. Nando Pelusi, being passive and unassertive is chronically stressful, and can hurt your health. So, take risks with your exercise. For example, try martial arts, like karate or Krav Maga – an Israeli form of self-defense. Or really cross the line, and go skydiving, or train as a rodeo clown. Basically, getting uncomfortable gives your body mild stress by revving your adrenaline levels, which boosts your immune system and floods your body with feel-good chemicals.

    So, download some Bela Bartok, hug your honey, and take up Krav Maga to live longer.