According to a new poll, the most common reason our electronic gadgets STOP working is because we drop them in water! More often than not, it’s in the toilet. In fact, 75% of people say they’ve used a cellphone in the bathroom! And until recently, the best fix was to either replace your gadget, or dry it out overnight and cross your fingers.

But now, a company called Liquipel is promising to make gadget “death from drowning” a thing of the past. How? They’ve come up with a new chemical solution that coats gadgets with a thin, waterproof shell – inside and out. That way, when water hits the device, it beads up and rolls off, leaving the electronics completely dry.

How well does the waterproofing work? In a recent experiment, the editors from Popular Science magazine ran an iPhone under a faucet for five minutes. And when they turned it on, they said the phone worked as if nothing had happened. Liquipel charges $59 dollars for each device they waterproof.

But what if you need to save your gadget from a water disaster right now? Experts say you can save most gadgets by removing them from the water as quickly as possible. Then, turn your device off, remove the battery, and the SIM card if it has one - and let everything dry overnight. Some experts also recommend leaving the device in a container filled with uncooked white rice for 24 hours. That’s because the rice helps absorb moisture, so your gadget is less likely to corrode.

Whatever you do, don’t use a hair dryer on your gadget to help it dry faster – it’s too hot! And never try turning the device on until it’s completely dry, because a single drop of water can short out the circuits.